Are you looking for the best Japanese restaurant in San Francisco? Do you want to try new and different cuisines from time to time? Or are you just hungry for some Japanese foods? If yes, then it’s the perfect time to visit Maruya San Francisco. Because here, we’ve got everything you are looking for in a Japanese restaurant. The cozy yet elegant place and the perfectly best-tasting dishes will definitely satisfy you from your first until the next visits. 

It’s not always every day that we get to dine in a restaurant which we aren’t very familiar with, but it’s not impossible to try other restaurants as well and go on a food trip with other people. It has always been good to try many cuisines and explore various types of dishes from different countries. What’s better than calling your friends while getting ready for these food trips from your garage doors in Arizona, right? We bet a lot of you are interested in doing this especially with family and friends. It’s not a bad idea to try new and different restaurants other than those we used to dine in anyway. So if you are looking for the perfect Japanese restaurant in San Francisco that will surely give you a great time, then try and visit us here at Maruya San Francisco. 


Maruya has always been a great restaurant and is considered one of the best Japanese restaurants here in San Francisco. The first reason why people love our restaurant is because of the place itself, the interior designs, the decorations and the cozy feeling you will get while you are here. It surely is comfortable here at Maruya and it still gives the modern mixed with a bit of classic designs of a Japanese restaurant. Even just by the sight of the place, you will already feel like you’re in a restaurant somewhere in Japan. 

The second reason is because our menu and dishes are unique for we add a little bit of twists in all the food that we serve. We want to create something more elevated and different without forgetting the real Japanese cuisine. Of course, we still serve the original dishes without any twists. If you want, you can order them or those we spice up a little bit. You can see our menu right here in this website if you are interested in checking out the dishes. We give details and information so people can know more about our restaurant and the dishes we serve.  

Anyone can order online from this website too so you can all get to buy from us if ever you have no time to travel or drive to our restaurant. Feel free to see this menu and buy from us anytime you want. We guarantee that even if you order from us, we definitely won’t bring you down by our dishes and services. Just give us a call or refer to the contacts given for your orders. It’s also available to make reservations from 9 am up to 4 pm, Mondays to Fridays. 


Give us your thoughts about our place and make sure to pay us a visit some time!