About Us 


Maruya San Francisco was built a few years ago. Back then, when this place was first built in a small place of San Francisco, we don’t have much recognition and customers. No one knew about this restaurant that was built that time and no one really paid much attention to this place. The owner of the restaurant was stressed by the fact that this business doesn’t really gain much customers but only those few who are interested in Japanese cuisine. As a businessman, he knew there was something wrong with the way he handled the place. Or maybe there’s something missing that’s why it doesn’t gain much attention like the other restaurants. 

He realized it was the place where he built the business. And that’s when he knew he had to do something about it. With the budget left for this business, he tried to renovate the place and move it to better surroundings. He found a much more crowded place in San Francisco where people go and attracts lots of tourists from time to time. It was a risky move because he knew that if this last one thing he did with the available money he has fail, his restaurant will fail as well. But he trusted his instincts and knowledge. He learned from the mistake he did at when he first opened this business. With one last attempt of making his restaurant right, he gave his best and gained support from a lot of people. He was more than motivated to make it right this time and after a lot of time waiting, the new and better Maruya in San Francisco was built. 

The owner made this restaurant better from inside and out. The designs, the decorations, the dishes and even the services. Now, Maruya San Francisco is a lot better than before and is now considered as one of the best Japanese restaurants in this area.