Where can I find your restaurant? I will visit San Francisco and since I am not a local, I’m wondering how I can visit your place? 

Thank you for thinking about visiting our restaurant when you come here in San Francisco. You can find our main restaurant at 293116th Street, San Francisco. The other branches are not yet available because they are still being built. 

I am new to this website and I would really like to try your dishes by ordering. I want to ask, where can I see your menu? 

We are glad that you want to order from us, thank you! You can see the menu at the ‘menu’ section on the left side of this website. Just click on that button and see the varieties of food we serve. 

Are the original dishes and those with twists separated in your menu? I’d really like to know the difference between them. 

Yes, they are separated in the menu. If you visit the menu section here in our website, you can easily find those original dishes and those we spiced up a little. The only difference of those dishes are the ingredients we added to our recipes and the tastes may vary as well. The prices are different too. 

Do you have other branches other than the one in San Francisco? I would really like to know if I can visit Maruya restaurant in other places because San Francisco is too far from our hometown. 

We are very sorry to tell you but Maruya restaurant only have branches in San Francisco. The other branches are currently being built and are soon to be opened. We apologize if you are having a hard time to visit our restaurant. But don’t worry, soon, we are going to open the next branches in places other than San Francisco. Please look forward to it.