Jimmy P. 

I went to San Francisco the other day and my friend recommended that I should go to this place since he knows how much I love Japanese food. I was thankful he did because I got to enjoy my short vacation here because of the great restaurants like Maruya and tourist spots in this place. The vacation went on and I remember coming back to this restaurant over and over again. I really loved the dishes they serve and how they create unique and different recipes as well. The ambiance is beautiful too and it really gives a better experience while dining.  


Justin S. 

My friends and I are regular customers of Maruya here in San Francisco. Ever since this opened up, we got curious on how the dishes will taste like since it was said to have a twist unlike the other traditional Japanese foods. After trying the restaurant, we eventually loved every single dish on the menu and because of that, we decided to come back whenever we have free time. Now it became a routine for us friends to come back here every week. 


Jaya H. 

Maruya is actually a bit far from our home here in San Francisco. I actually need to drive for hours just to get here but every time I visit, it’s all worth the long drive. I really love the dishes they serve and how they welcome the customers. The place and the cozy feeling of the restaurant makes me want to come back all the time. It’s so relaxing and to think that they serve such great dishes are amazing so I really come back even if it’s not that near to my place. But I heard that Maruya is actually building another branch and I am so glad this one is near our home. I can’t wait for the new branch to open soon!